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Marios Mediterranean Foods Ltd

Who we are

Marios Mediterranean Foods Ltd is your online and on wheels Greek and Cypriot supermarket in UK. Authentic, real traditional tastes of Greece and Cyprus, one click away on our online shop.

Traditional, authentic, local, homemade products and foods, frozen, cooked, season's fresh, delicacies and local specialities from Greece and Cyprus to choose from on our online shop and for next day shipment.

Shipment and Delivery

We are shipping orders with Courier, next day delivery, to all UK, i.e. England, Scotland and Wales.
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Bringing Greece and Cyprus traditional unique tastes to your door. Our Courier service are directly delivering your orders to your home.

What we do

Marios Mediterranean Foods Ltd is based in Birmingham. We are importing and selling online the best fresh and high quality ethnic foods and delicacies mainly from Greece and Cyprus as well as from other mediterranean countries.

Find and order online Greek and Cyprus dairy, meats, confectionery, soft drinks, wine and spirits, bakery, pulses, pasta, olive oil, olives, season's fresh products and much much more...

We are adding new products everyday

Our effort is to cover all your needs and preferences with selected, premium quality traditional Greek and Cyprus food and products.

We have added Events' catering snacks and pies to treat your friends and visitors with the best delicious sausage rolls, cheese pies, tahini pie, olive pies, koupes, and a lot of other catering products and desserts to make your celebration a stunning one.

We have also added in the MEATS and SEAFOOD category some fish and seafood products, like Cod 'Bakaliaros', Herrings and Calamari.

Keep on checking our pages. We are planning to add much more soon, as well as wines and more spirits etc.

Something you need and we don't have it?

Are you looking for a product you can't find in our online shop?
Don't worry!

Let us know what you are looking for and we will search and find it for you at the best quality and the lowest price.

Our effort is to make and keep our clients happy and smiling!


Marios Mediterranean Foods on wheel supermarket