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Marios Mediterranean Foods

Greek and Cypriot specialities and delicatessen from our store to your door!


Cyprus Olive Bread-Pie ≈350g

Traditional Cyprus fresh Olive Bread- Pie

7 Days Max Croissant with Cocoa Filling 80g

The 7 Days Max Cocoa Croissant is the perfect snack.

Alfa Cooked Bougatsa Thessalonikis 250g

Bougatsa of Thessaloniki with sweet cream, baked

Amalia Cocktail Sesame Brittle (pastellaki) 65g

Sesame Brittle mixed nuts bar rich in vitamins

Amalia Sesame Brittle (pastellaki) 60g

Sesame Brittle energy bar rich in vitamins

Bake Rolls 7Days Pizza Flavour 80g

Double Baked Rolls chips with a pizza flavour

Bake Rolls 7Days Tomato & Olives 80g

Baked Rolls chips with tomato, olive & oregano

Bake Rolls Mini 7Days Garlic Flavour 80g

Mini Bake Rolls 7Days with Garlic Flavour

Chocolate Coated Halva Bar Cypressa 40g

Halva is a a healthy treat packed with sesame seeds

Cinnamon Bite size Rusks 300g

Elenas Traditional Cinnamon Bites Rusks

Cypressa Grissini Sticks with olive oil 250g

Delicious Grissini Sticks, breadsticks, with olive oil

Cypriot Aniseed Village Rusks 400g

Elena's traditional aniseed rusks (glykanissou)

Cypriot Pumpkin Pie (kolokoti) ≈250g

Freshly cooked homemade Cypriot Squash Turnovers

Cypriot Sliced Plain Bread 845g

Cypriot typical plain Sliced Bread

Cyprus Sandwich Uncooked 'Triara' 1pc

'Triara' uncooked sandwich with cyprus ingredients

Elenas Bite size Carob rusks 300g

Elenas Bites with Carob suitable for vegetarian

Elite Toast Rusks (friganies) 250g

Elite wheat rusks, classic crispy toast well done

Flaouna Without Raisins Cypriot Easter Bread ≈450g

Flaouna without raisins Cypriot cheese filled pastry

Glystarkes Sweet Small 400g

Elena traditional small Glystarkes (Cypriot pretzel)

Greek Pita Bread (Flatbread) 1x10pcs

Greek pita bread is soft, thicker and has no pocket

Halloumi Bread-Pie 'Halloumopita' ≈350g

Traditional fresh Halloumi Bread-Pie

Koupes Mince meat freshly Cooked ≈95g

Freshly cooked pork mince meat traditional Koupes

Koupes Pork Mince Meat Cooked 1x10x95g

Fresh daily Cooked Koupes with Pork Mince Meat

Koupes Vegetarian freshly Cooked ≈50g

Freshly cooked Koupes Vegetarian (Mushrooms)

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