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Marios Mediterranean Foods

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Barley (Cretan) Rusks (Paximadia) 350g

Elenas Barley Rusks, originated from Crete

Cretan Wheat (Starenia) Rusks Erofili 500g

Traditional Cretan rusks of the purest ingredients

Crispy Rusks (Afrougia) 300g

Elena traditional rusks or crispy rolls twice baked

Elenas Bite size Carob rusks 300g

Elenas Bites with Carob suitable for vegetarian

Glystarkes Sweet Small 400g

Elena traditional small Glystarkes (Cypriot pretzel)

Glystarkes Traditional (Cypriot pretzel) 200g

Cyprus traditional Glystarkes (Cypriot pretzel)

Olive and olive oil Rusk Bites 350g

Elenas Rusk bites with olives and olive oil

Olive Breadsticks (Kritsinia) 250g

Elenas Small breadsticks made with Cypriot olives

Salted Breadsticks (Kritsinia) 300g

Elenas slightly salted Breadsticks (Kritsinia)

Tahini and Carob Rusk Bites 350g

Elenas vegetarian Tahini and Carob Rusk bites

Wholemeal classic rusks 300g

Traditional classic Cypriot whole wheat rusks

Wholemeal traditional breadsticks 300g

Elenas traditional breadsticks with sesame