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Marios Mediterranean Foods

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Dessert | Sweets

'Kataifi' Shredded Pastry Dessert 1500g

Almonds and syrup Greek Shredded Pastry 'Kataifi'

Alfa Frozen Chocolate Cake (sokolatopita) 770g

Alfa frozen Greek Chocolate Cake (sokolatopita)

Alfa Frozen Kihi Apple swirl Pie 800g

Alfa Kihi Apple swirl Pie is a perfectly tasty filled pie

Alfa Frozen Kihi Cream Vanilla Pie (Bougatsa) 800g

Alfa frozen Cream & Vanilla kihi sweet pie 'Bougatsa'

Alfa Frozen Orange Cake (portokalopita) 1050g

Alfa frozen Greek Orange Cake (portokalopita)

Amalia Greek Delights Rose Flavour 300g

A Delicious treat with coffee or as a dessert

Baklava traditional Pastry Dessert 1500g

Greek Baklava dessert sweet delicious Filo pastry

Cypressa Sesame Halva Traditional 3 Flavours 250g

Sesame Traditional Halva in 3 Flavours

Doukissa, Chocolate & Biscuit Cake Slice 10g

Chocolate & Biscuit Cake Slice

Galaktoboureko Greek Dessert 1500g

Galaktoboureko crisp filo pastry with custard cream

Greek Delights Mastic Flavour 400g

Sarantis Greek Delights with Mastic flavour

Greek Delights Rose Flavour Kandy's 200g

Greek bite size Delights Rose flavour

Greek Pistachio Delights Kandy's 200g

Greek Pistachio delicately nutty Delights

Greek, Cypriot Semolina Cake 1500g

Semolina Cake, kalo prama or shamali or samali

Ice Cream Mastic Flavour 2.5l

Cypriot Ice Cream Mastic Flavour

Ice Cream Rose Flavour 2.5l

Cypriot Ice Cream Rose Flavour

Jenny's Greek Sundried Figs 397g

Kalamata natural sundried figs are a nutritious snack

Jolly Crème Caramel Mix 200g

Jolly Caramel to make a light creamy dessert

Jolly Stevia Crème Caramel 0% Sugar 200g

Jolly Stevia, 0% sugar for a light creamy dessert

Jolly Various Flavours Jelly 200g

Jolly Strawberry, Cherry, Orange & Lemon Jelly

Jotis Various Flavour Jelly 200g

Jotis various Flavour Jelly refreshing snack

Kiofteri Pure Grape Juice Bars Koralias 500g

Kiofteri traditional grape juice and flour bars

Lady's Fingers (Daktila) Home Made ≈350g

Lady's Fingers (Daktila) Home Made ≈350g

MMF Assorted Cyprus Sweets 8pcs

Assorted Cyprus desirable sweets,desserts

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