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Marios Mediterranean Foods

Greek and Cypriot specialities and delicatessen from our store to your door!


Amalia Cyprus Afroza (Sherbet) 230g

Afroza helps digestion and sooth stomach

Amalia Rose Water Flavour 500ml

'Rodostagma' water from rose petals flavouring

Anatoli Easter Red Egg Dye 1x3g

Traditional Greek egg dye for hard-boiled eggs

Chios Mastic Natural Teardrops Nobel 10g

Natural aromatic Chios Mastic (masticha) teardrops

Chios Natural Mastic Teardrops 10g

Natural aromatic Chios Mastic (masticha) teardrops

Cypressa Roasted Red Peppers natural 465g

Cypressa Roasted Red Peppers no additives

Cypriot Traditional Trahanas Anthos 450g

Anthos Cypriot traditional Trahanas

Cypriot Traditional Trahanas Statou 500g

Made with goats milk and grounded wheat

Dolmio Original Bolognese Sauce 500g

Dolmio Original Sauce for Bolognese

Domo Vanilla Sugar Tin 28.5g

Vanilla Sugar adds flavour and aroma

Greek Coffee Charalambous 200g

Indulge yourself with this 100% pure coffee

Greek Coffee Cyprus Laikos 200g

It became synonymous with Cypriot coffee

Greek Coffee Loumidis 200g

Loumidis traditional Greek Coffee of intense flavour

Instant Greek Coffee sachets 1x24x9g

Instant Greek coffee in Sweet, Medium, or No sugar

Ion Cocoa truffle (chocolate vermicelli) 100g

ION Truffle, cocoa vermicelli for coating and decoration

Jotis Corn Flour (corn Starch) 200g

Jotis Corn Flour a “weapon” for baking and cooking

Jotis Creme (for confectionery) 250g

Jotis Whipping Cream for cakes and desserts

Jotis Custard Powder Vanilla Flavour 120g

Unique vanilla dessert cream for all the family

Jotis Vanilla Instant Pudding/Pie Filling 62g

Great instant pudding made without boiling

Kean Concentrated Lemon Juice 250ml

Kean 80% Concentrated Lemon Juice

Kopeli Herb Cocktail Cretan 1x20 tea bags

Cocktail Tea contains Sage, Dittany,Marjoram

Kopeli Mountain Tea (Malotira) 1x20 tea Bags

Kopeli Cretan Mountain Tea (Malotira)

Kyknos Tomato Paste concentrated 200g

Kyknos tomato paste concentrated

Kyknos Tomato Paste concentrated 410g

Kyknos concentrated Tomato Paste

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