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Greek, Cypriot Semolina Cake (Kalo Prama, Shamali or samali)

Greek, Cypriot Semolina Cake 1500g

Semolina Cake, kalo prama or shamali or samali


Semolina Cake, cypriot 'Kalo Prama', greek 'Shamali' or 'samali' 1500g

Semolina Cake, cypriot 'Kalo Prama', greek 'Shamali' or 'samali' is a beloved dessert throughout Greece and Cyprus, suitable for every occasion. It is a moist and flavourful dessert sweet soaked in an aromatic syrup.
It is served cold, straight from the fridge at the end of a meal. The Cypriot name for this dish, ‘Kalo Prama’ means ‘good stuff’ – the perfect description.

  • Weight: 1500g

Country of Origin: UK


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