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Marios Mediterranean Foods

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Anthos Fine Bulgur (for koupes) 1kg

Fine Bulgur suitable for Cypriot Koupes

Bulgur Wheat (crushed wheat) 1kg

Anthos Crushed Wheat - Bulgur (pligouri, pourgouri)

Fresh Frozen Alubia Beans Lisko 1kg

Lisko Frozen Alubia Beans (fasolia ksekounia)

Fresh Frozen Black Eye Beans Lisko 1kg

Lisko Frozen Black Eye Beans (louvi ksekouni)

Legumes - Alubia (White Kidney) Beans 1kg

Highest quality Alubia Beans by Anthos

Legumes - Broad Beans without husks 1kg

Anthos ready to cook Broad Beans, without husks

Legumes - Cyprus Black Eye Beans 400g

Anthos Cypriot supreme quality Black Eye Beans

Legumes - Dried Chick Peas 1kg

Anthos high quality and nutritional Chick Peas

Legumes - Dried Split Chickpeas 450g

Quality split Chickpeas high in protein & vitamins

Legumes - Green Lentils 1kg

High nutritional value Green Lentils by Anthos

Lisko Frozen Broad Beans 500g

Fresh frozen Broad Beans known as Fava beans

Rice Patna (Long Grain) 500g

Anthos Patna White Long Grain Rice

Rice Pre Fluffed Easy Cook 1kg

Anthos Yellow Pre Fluffed Long Grain Rice

Wheat Whole Grain (wholegrain) 500g

Anthos whole wheat contains the entire grain