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Marios Mediterranean Foods

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Al Dayaa Tahini sesame seed Paste 400g

Al Dayaa Tahini Paste made with sesame

Amalia Rose Water Flavour 500ml

'Rodostagma' water from rose petals flavouring

Anthos Cypriot traditional Trahanas 450g

Anthos Cypriot traditional Trahanas 450g

Anthos Peeled Artichokes Bottoms 680g

Anthos Peeled whole Artichoke Bottoms in Brine

Anthos Vine Leaves for stuffing 220g

Anthos Vine Leaves in Water

Breadcrumbs Original Healthy 450g

Tasty Breadcrumbs for home cooks

Charalambides Cyprus Afroza (sherbet) 227g

Fizzy powder to sooth stomach and aid digestion

Cypressa Mixed Hot Chilli Peppers 325g

Cypressa Hot spicy Chilli Peppers

Cypressa Roasted Red Peppers natural 465g

Cypressa Roasted Red Peppers no additives

Dolmio Original Bolognese Sauce 500g

Dolmio Original Sauce for Bolognese

Haitoglou traditional 'Loukoumades' Mix 257g

Traditinal Greek donuts 'loukoumades' easy mix

Jotis Creme (for confectionery) 250g

Jotis Whipping Cream for cakes and desserts

Kean Concentrated Lemon Juice 250ml

Kean 80% Concentrated Lemon Juice

La Monegasque Anchovy Fillets 100g

La Monegasque strong and salty Anchovy Fillets

Lira egg dye (colouring for 50 eggs) x1 sachet

Traditional Greek egg dye for hard-boiled eggs

Maggi Chicken Stock Cubes 132g

Maggi Stock Cubes add intense flavour to meals

Morphakis Mustard Piccalilli Pickles 350g

Morphakis Mustard Flavoured Piccalilli Pickles

Morphakis Pickled Caper Leaves handpicked 270g

Morphakis Caper Leaves in Vinegar

Morphakis Pickled Capers hand-picked 1kg

Morphakis hand-picked Pickled Capers

Onassis Meat Balls In Tomato Sauce 280g

Onassis Meat Balls In Tomato Sauce (Keftedakia)

Onassis Okras Baked in Oil 280g

Onassis Okras Baked in Oil (Bamies Laderes)

Sesame Seeds (hulled) 400g

Anthos Sesame Seeds whitend (Hulled)

Statou Cypriot Traditional Trahanas 500g

Made with goats milk and grounded wheat

Tribodakes Grape Juice Vinegar 390ml

Tribodakes Grape Juice Vinegar

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