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Marios Mediterranean Foods

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Cooking Staples

Chios Mastic Natural Teardrops Nobel 10g

Natural aromatic Chios Mastic (masticha) teardrops

Chios Natural Mastic Teardrops 10g

Natural aromatic Chios Mastic (masticha) teardrops

Domo Vanilla Sugar Tin 28.5g

Vanilla Sugar adds flavour and aroma

Jotis Baking Powder raising agent 200g

Jotis Baking Powder, trusted by thousands

Jotis Corn Flour (corn Starch) 200g

Jotis Corn Flour a “weapon” for baking and cooking

Kyknos Tomato Paste concentrated 410g

Kyknos concentrated Tomato Paste

Kyknos Tomato Paste concentrated 70g

Kyknos tomato paste concentrated

MMF Baking Powder raising agent 185g

Marios Mediterranean Foods Baking Powder