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Marios Mediterranean Foods

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Amalia Rose Water Flavour 500ml

'Rodostagma' water from rose petals flavouring

MMF Aniseed Whole (Anise Seeds) 110g

Marios Mediterranean Foods Anise Seeds

MMF Authentic Dried Chilli Flakes 100g

Marios Mediterranean Dry Chilli Flakes

MMF Bay Leaves (whole dry leaves) 40g

Marios Mediterranean Foods Dry Bay Leaves

MMF Coriander Seeds Crushed 150g

MMF Cyprus Dry Coriander Seeds Crushed

MMF Coriander Seeds Whole 150g

MMF Selected Whole dry Coriander Seeds

MMF Coriander Seeds Whole 90g

Marios Mediterranean Foods Coriander Seeds

MMF Cyprus Dry Sage Leaves 200g

Selected quality Cyprus Sage leaves tea

MMF High quality Garlic Powder 120g

Marios Mediterranean Foods Garlic Powder

MMF Oregano Dry Leaves (crushed) 50g

Marios Mediterranean Foods Oregano Dry Leaves

MMF Quality Cinnamon Powder 110g

Marios Mediterranean Cinnamon Powder

MMF Sage natural Leaves (crushed) 50g

MMF Sage from Mediterranean region

MMF Whole dry spicy Chillies 100g

Marios Mediterranean Whole Dry Chillies

Whole Mahlepi (mahlab, mahleb) seeds 30g

Mahlepi aromatic spice for tsoureki, flaounes etc.