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Marios Mediterranean Foods

Greek and Cypriot specialities and delicatessen from our store to your door!


Calamari (Squid) Tubes Clear Seas 600g

Frozen cleaned squid tubes without tentacles

Calamari Baby Frozen Qualy-Pak 454g

Quick frozen wild caught baby squid (kalamari)

Cod 'Bakaliaros' Dry Salted Boned ≈1.1kg

Boneless Salted, Dry God 'Bakaliaros, Vakalaos'

Fresh Frozen Cleaned Octopus Cyaneus 1kg

Large cleaned frozen Octopus

Greek Classic Taramosalata Dip 170g

Delphi Greek Classic Taramosalata dip

Greek Salted Sardines Helios Tin 500g

Delicious sardines can be used instead of anchovies

La Monegasque Anchovy Fillets 100g

La Monegasque strong and salty Anchovy Fillets

Paltsidis Greek Octopus (Htapodi Salata) 250g

Chopped Octopus tentacles (salad) in sunflower oil

Paltsidis Marinated Fresh Anchovies 250g

Marinated fresh anchovies of the Greek seas

Season Sardines Skinless & Boneless in Olive Oil 124g

Sardines wild caught & Sustainable in olive oil

Trata Greek Wild Sardines in Olive Oil 100g

Sardines carefully selected from fresh catch

Trata Smoked Herring in Tin 160g

Smoked herring tender fillets in vegetable oil

Trata Smoked Tuna in Vegetable Oil 160g

Tuna smoked in a real wood fire oven


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