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Lygias traditional Dry Anari

Dry Anari Lygias traditional ≈380g

Dry Anari, Cypriot hard, low fat cheese for grating
Units in box: 1

Traditional Cyprus Dry Anari Lygias ≈380g

Anari dry is a white, mild, curd cheese that is produced in a hard form – and is delicious and low fat!
Dry hard anari can be grated and used instead of Parmesan or other hard cheeses.

Dry anari is salted, then dried, either in the sun or in the oven. It has a hard texture, which is the reason why it’s commonly grated and used for garnishing a variety of pasta dishes.
Alternatively, the dry anari can also be crumbled and used in various salads.

  • Weight: ≈380g

Country of Origin: Cyprus


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