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Kitromilides Zalatina, Pork Meat set in gel 500g
Kitromilides Zalatina, Pork Meat set in gel 500g

Zalatina Kitromilides, Pork Meat set in jelly 500g

Traditional cooked head and trotters set in jelly

Kitromilides Zalatina – Pork Meat set in jelly 500g

Zalatina, as it is called in Cyprus, or pichti in Greece, is a traditional delicacy, served as an appetizer, originally made from the head and trotters of the pig, cooked in a mixture of vinegar, citron, lemon, rosemary, cumin and salt.which create a jelly when it sets.

Perfect accompaniment for any meal.

  • Weight: 500g

Nutrition Information / Θρεπτικές Αξίες
Typical values per 100g / Ενδεικτικές τιμές ανά 100g

  • Energy KJ /Ενέργεια KJ
  • Calories / Θερμίδες
  • Fat g / Λιπαρά g of which saturated g / από τα οποία κορεσμένα g
  • Carbohydrates g / Υδατάνθρακες g
  • of which sugars g / από τα οποία σάκχαρα g
  • Dietary Fibre g / Εδώδιμες ίνες g
  • Salt g /Αλάτι g

Country of Origin: Cyprus



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