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Koralias 100% Natural and Pure Carob Syrup

Natural 100% Carob Syrup Koralias 325g

Concentrated Cypriot Carob Syrup (charoupomelo).

Koralias Concentrated 100% Natural and Pure Carob Syrup (charoupomelo) 325g

Carob Syrup Koralias is a healthier alternative to sugar, ideal for your tea or coffee, drizzled over pancakes, porridge, cereals sauces, dressings and baking.
It can be used as sweetener in cakes, tahini, hot and cold beverages, yogurt, ice cream and rice.

  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Honey & Chocolate alternative
  • Zero fat, Zero Cholesterol - Great for stomach & digestion.
  • No added sugar, additives or presevatives.
  • Weight: 325g

Country of Origin: Cyprus.


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