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Marios Mediterranean Foods

Greek and Cypriot specialities and delicatessen from our store to your door!

Cyprus Olive Bread-Pie ≈350g

Traditional Cyprus fresh Olive Bread- Pie

Epiros Greek Original Feta P.D.O 400g

Sheep and Goat milk authentic Greek Feta

Melissa Gluten free Fusilli 400g

Healthy gluten-free fusilli made from corn and rice

Melissa Spaghetti Gluten Free 400g

Spaghetti is fantastic for traditional Greek recipes

Olympus Feta original Greek 400g

Olympus Feta Cheese is a firm white cheese

'Kataifi' Shredded Pastry Dessert 1500g

Almonds and syrup Greek Shredded Pastry 'Kataifi'

3 Bakers Frozen Bourekia with Anari Cheese 1kg

Frozen Bourekia, filo pastry filled with anari (ricotta)

3 Bakers Frozen Ravioli with Halloumi 1kg

Frozen Ravioli, filo pastry filled with halloumi

7 Days Max Croissant with Cocoa Filling 80g

The 7 Days Max Cocoa Croissant is the perfect snack.

Alfa Cooked Bougatsa Thessalonikis 250g

Bougatsa of Thessaloniki with sweet cream, baked

Alfa Frozen Greek Sweet Cream Bougatsa 800g

Alfa frozen Greek Sweet Cream Bougatsa

Alfa Frozen Mini Rolls with Spinach & Feta 500g

Alfa Mini Rolls with Spinach & Feta 'Spanakopitakia'

Alfa Pastry Politiko (Frozen) 450g

Traditionally thin and crusty politiko filo!

Amalia Cocktail Sesame Brittle (pastellaki) 65g

Sesame Brittle mixed nuts bar rich in vitamins

Amalia Cyprus Afroza (Sherbet) 230g

Afroza helps digestion and sooth stomach

Amalia Rose Cordial (Triantafyllo) 720ml

Triantafyllo (rose cordial) is a syrup produced in Cyprus

Amalia Rose Water Flavour 500ml

'Rodostagma' water from rose petals flavouring

Amalia Sesame Brittle (pastellaki) 60g

Sesame Brittle energy bar rich in vitamins

Anari Fresh Salted cheese 200g

Hadjipieris fresh Salted Soft Anari Cheese

Anatoli Easter Red Egg Dye 1x3g

Traditional Greek egg dye for hard-boiled eggs

Aniseed and Sesame Biscuits 350g

Traditional Aniseed and Sesame Biscuits

Anthos Black Kalamata Table Olives ≈500g

Anthos Kalamata Black Olives

Anthos Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L

Stands out for it's rich aroma and taste

Anthos Green Cracked Olives (tsakistes) ≈500g

Green Cracked Olives or slit olives (tsakistes)

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