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Marios Mediterranean Foods

Greek and Cypriot specialities and delicatessen from our store to your door!
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Frozen Molokhia Leaves Montana Egypt 400g

Molochia leaves known in englsh as Jew's mallow

Frozen Okra (Bamies) Montana Egypt 400g

Egyptian quality freshly frozen Okra (Bamies)

Frozen Pork Caul Fat, Panna, Bolia ≈300-400g

Caul fat for making your sheftalia, kokoretsi etc.

Frozen Puff pastry dough Arabatzis 480g

Deep frozen Puff pastry dough (sfoliata)

Frozen Whole Boned Rabbit 1500g

Freshly Frozen Whole Boned Rabbit

Galaktoboureko Greek Dessert 1500g

Galaktoboureko crisp filo pastry with custard cream

Gluten Free Cyprus Wine Sausages Hadjicosta 500g

Cypriot Wine sausages​, Kypriaka krasata loukanika

Gluten Free Frankfurter Sausages Hadjicosta 500g

Frankfurter smoked, ready to eat hot or cold

Glystarkes Sweet Small 400g

Elena traditional small Glystarkes (Cypriot pretzel)

Glystarkes Traditional (Cypriot pretzel) 200g

Cyprus traditional Glystarkes (Cypriot pretzel)

Graviera Psiloritis Cretan Hard Cheese ≈1.5kg

Cretan Graviera premium quality hard cheese

Greek Authentic Tzatziki Dip Delphi 200g

Greek Strained yogourt authentic Tzatziki Dip

Greek Classic Taramosalata Dip 170g

Delphi Greek Classic Taramosalata dip

Greek Coffee Charalambous 200g

Indulge yourself with this 100% pure coffee

Greek Coffee Cups & Saucers 100ml

Greek Coffee 12 pcs Cup & Saucers set

Greek Coffee Cyprus Laikos 200g

It became synonymous with Cypriot coffee

Greek Coffee Loumidis 200g

Loumidis traditional Greek Coffee of intense flavour

Greek Delights Mastic Flavour 400g

Sarantis Greek Delights with Mastic flavour

Greek Delights Rose Flavour Kandy's 200g

Greek bite size Delights Rose flavour

Greek Ouzo Babajim 40%vol 200ml

Premium quality Ouzo alcohol, anise and herbs

Greek Pistachio Delights Kandy's 200g

Greek Pistachio delicately nutty Delights

Greek Pita Bread (Flatbread) 1x10pcs

Greek pita bread is soft, thicker and has no pocket

Greek Salted Sardines Helios Tin 500g

Delicious sardines can be used instead of anchovies

Greek, Cypriot Semolina Cake 1500g

Semolina Cake, kalo prama or shamali or samali