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Marios Mediterranean Foods

Greek and Cypriot specialities and delicatessen from our store to your door!
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Kalamata Olives (whole) 2kg

Anthos Kalamata Olives in Brine

Katsa Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1Ltr

Katsa cold pressed Oil low acidity koroneiki Olives

Kean 100% Juice freshly picked fruit 1lt

Kean 100% juices, select your flavour below:

Kean Concentrated Lemon Juice 250ml

Kean 80% Concentrated Lemon Juice

Kean Fizzy Classic Drinks 250ml

Kean Fizzy Drinks, Orange, Lemonade, Mandarin

Kean Squash 0 Sugar Lemon, Orange, Rose 1l

Kean Squash 0% Sugar, Lemon, Orange & Rose

Kean Squash, Orange, Lemonade, Rose 1l

Kean concentrated Squash. Orange, Lemonade, Rose

Kiofteri Pure Grape Juice Bars Koralias 500g

Kiofteri traditional grape juice and flour bars

Kopeli Chinese Green Tea 1x20 tea bags

Kopeli Chinese Green Tea x20 tea bags

Kopeli Herb Cocktail Cretan 1x20 tea bags

Cocktail Tea contains Sage, Dittany,Marjoram

Kopeli Mountain Tea (Malotira) 1x20 tea Bags

Kopeli Cretan Mountain Tea (Malotira)

Koupes Mince meat freshly Cooked ≈95g

Freshly cooked pork mince meat traditional Koupes

Koupes Mince meat Frozen Uncooked ≈95g

Frozen Uncooked pork mince meat Koupes

Koupes Pork Mince Meat Cooked 1x10x95g

Fresh daily Cooked Koupes with Pork Mince Meat

Koupes Vegetarian freshly Cooked ≈50g

Freshly cooked Koupes Vegetarian (Mushrooms)

Koupes Vegetarian Frozen Uncooked ≈50g

Frozen Uncooked Koupes Vegetarian (Mushrooms)

Kourabiedes Fedon with Almonds 350g

Traditional Greek Kourabiedes with almonds

Kyknos Tomato Paste concentrated 410g

Kyknos concentrated Tomato Paste

Kyknos Tomato Paste concentrated 70g

Kyknos tomato paste concentrated

La Monegasque Anchovy Fillets 100g

La Monegasque strong and salty Anchovy Fillets

Lady's Fingers (Daktila) Home Made ≈350g

Lady's Fingers (Daktila) Home Made ≈350g

Lays crisps, oregano or plain 90g

Lays crisps Oregano flavoured or Plain Salted

Legumes - Alubia (White Kidney) Beans 1kg

Highest quality Alubia Beans by Anthos

Legumes - Broad Beans without husks 1kg

Anthos ready to cook Broad Beans, without husks