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Marios Mediterranean Foods

Greek and Cypriot specialities and delicatessen from our store to your door!
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Trata Smoked Tuna in Lemon and Oregano 160g

Natural aromas of tuna, lemon and oregano

Trata Smoked Tuna in Vegetable Oil 160g

Tuna smoked in a real wood fire oven

Tribodakes Grape Juice Vinegar 390ml

Tribodakes Grape Juice Vinegar

Triumph All Purpose Flour 1kg

All purpose flour made from soft and strong wheat

Triumph Bucatini Durum Wheat ‘A’ 500g

Triumph Bucatini pasta with a hole in the middle

Triumph Fine Quality Plain Flour 1kg

Fine Quality Pain Flour for all your baking

Triumph Macaroncelli Classic Spaghetti 500g

Classic Spaghetti from Dorum wheat and semolina

Triumph Manestra Orzo (Kritharaki) 500g

Manestra Durum Wheat Orzo (kritharaki)

Triumph Nest Fidellini (fides Folies) 500g

Cyprus pasta nests Fidellini, Fides Folies

Triumph Vermitselli (Cyprus fides) 500g

100% Cyprus pasta Fides koftos, very thin spaghetti

Triumph Village Flour (durum wheat) 1kg

Triumph Village quality Self Raising Flour

Uncut Wine Smoked Pork Loin Trypiniotis 250g

Uncut Wine Smoked Pork Loin Trypiniotis (Lountza)

Vouyiouklakis Anari Dry Cypriot hard cheese ≈150g

Vouyiouklakis Cypriot Dry Anari, low fat cheese

Vouyiouklakis Anari Fresh Cypriot Soft Cheese ≈150g

Vouyiouklakis Anari is a fresh mild whey Cheese

Wheat Whole Grain (wholegrain) 500g

Anthos whole wheat contains the entire grain

Whole Mahlepi (mahlab, mahleb) seeds 30g

Mahlepi aromatic spice for tsoureki, flaounes etc.

Wholemeal classic rusks 300g

Traditional classic Cypriot whole wheat rusks

Wholemeal traditional breadsticks 300g

Elenas traditional breadsticks with sesame

Wine Smoked Bacon Trypiniotis 250g

Tasty wine smoked bacon to impress by Trypiniotis

Zwan Beef Luncheon Meat with Olives 200g

Beef luncheon meat high in meat content

Zwan Chicken Luncheon Meat with Olives 200g

Chicken luncheon meat high in meat content

Zwan Turkey Luncheon Meat with Herbs 200g

Turkey luncheon meat high in meat content

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