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Marios Mediterranean Foods

Greek and Cypriot specialities and delicatessen from our store to your door!
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Cobra 12 Volts BBQ Grill Motor Set

12 Volts Motor BBQ Grill to rotate skewers

Corfu Type Butter (Kerkyras) Epiros 250g

Butter 50% cow’s & 50% goat & sheep’s milk

Cracked Green Olives in Brine 3kg

Cracked Green Olives in Brine

Cretan Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5l

Minos Fresh, fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cretan Wheat (Starenia) Rusks Erofili 500g

Traditional Cretan rusks of the purest ingredients

Crispy Rusks (Afrougia) 300g

Elena traditional rusks or crispy rolls twice baked

Croissant with Hazelnut Praline 110g

MOLTO Croissant with Hazelnut Praline

Cypressa Mixed Hot Chilli Peppers 325g

Cypressa Hot spicy Chilli Peppers

Cypressa Roasted Red Peppers natural 465g

Cypressa Roasted Red Peppers no additives

Cypressa Sesame Halva Traditional 3 Flavours 250g

Sesame Traditional Halva in 3 Flavours

Cypriot Nescafe Classic Coffee 50g

Classic Nescafe Coffee shipped from Cyprus

Cypriot Pumpkin Pie (kolokoti) ≈250g

Freshly cooked homemade Cypriot Squash Turnovers

Cypriot Sliced Plain Bread 845g

Cypriot typical plain Sliced Bread

Cyprus Authentic Fresh Halloumi Lygias ≈370g

Sheep's and Goat's Cyprus fresh Halloumi

Cyprus Commandaria Alasia 0.75l - 15%

Commandaria Alasia, aromatic, rich Cypriot wine

Cyprus Sandwich Uncooked 'Triara' 1pc

'Triara' uncooked sandwich with cyprus ingredients

Cyprus Spirit Peristiany V.O 31 Brandy 32%vol 700ml

Brandy Peristiany V.31 is very popular in Cyprus

Cyprus Traditional Sausages Ttiniozos 1kg

Traditional Sausages from Cyprus by Ttiniosos

Cyprus Traditional Sausages Gregoriou 500g

Cyprus Traditional Sausages (Traditional Loukanika)

Dolmio Original Bolognese Sauce 500g

Dolmio Original Sauce for Bolognese

Domo Vanilla Sugar Tin 28.5g

Vanilla Sugar adds flavour and aroma

Doukissa, Chocolate & Biscuit Cake Slice 10g

Chocolate & Biscuit Cake Slice

Dry Active Baking Yeast 100g

Marios Mediterranean Foods Dry Yeast

Dry Anari Goat's Hard Cheese Stefanis ≈700g

Dry Anari, Cypriot hard, low fat cheese for grating